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I absolutely love all aspects of Art and really enjoy getting lost in a painting. Working with watercolour I find that you can create such atmosphere and emotion in a piece, letting the paint just flow on the paper and accepting that it has a mind of its own. Alternatively you can layer with watercolour and create hugely intricate and detailed paintings.

Over the coming months I will be teaching classes, whilst recreating some of my original pieces with you. You will learn how to work with watercolour paint, how to prepare your paper and what techniques can be applied to create stunning paintings that you will be proud of at the end of each class.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you, and whether you are a complete beginner holding a brush for the first time, or an accomplished artist who wishes to get back into painting. I hope that I can help you on your way to falling in love with watercolour, and the endless possibilities with creating beautiful work.

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Chloé Philpott

Fareham, Hampshire, United Kingdom


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