'Goldfinch' 5"x7" Print, as featured in the month of January in my 2022 calendar.

This is a limited edition of 12, the original was painted by myself Chloé Bruce using Winsor & Newton watercolour paints on 220gsm smooth paper stock, small additional details added with a white Gelly Roll gel pen. There is only ever going to be 12 of these 5"x7" prints, each is individually marked with a number out of 12 and will come with a certificate of authenticity to prove its limited number.


The original painting was painted live on Twitch in 2021 and took me roughly 10-14 hours to paint, using a layered approach and a 0000 Winsor & Newton round paintbrush for most of the work, allowing me to get as much detail into the birds as I possibly could.

5"x7" Goldfinch Print